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My corporate service includes recording audio/video interviews, lectures, meetings, and other corporate related video recording. This service can be used for onboarding, training, recruiting videos, etc.


My promotional service includes recording audio/video to promote a product, service, or just make an ad for your business.

Social Media

Similar to the promotional service my social media service includes recording short bits of audio/video to promote a product, service, or just make an ad for your business. This can also be used for me to digitally design a flyer to post online.

Slide Show

The slide show service includes taking your photos or my own and putting them into a video with audio if wanted. You can customize this to your needs and wants. This service has many different uses. Contact me if you have any specific questions.


The event service includes recording audio/video of your event (party, concert, workshop, ect.) and putting it into a short film, documentary, or other kind of video style. 


Drone (Coming Soon)

The drone service will consist of using a DJI Mavic Mini 3 to record drone footage.



Pre-production is an essential part of video production. It is the process of planning, organizing, and preparing for the production of a video. This includes scripting, creating storyboards, selecting locations, and casting talent. During pre-production, it is important to ensure that all elements are completely customized to your project's needs, from a creative and technical standpoint. To ensure success, the pre-production process should include multiple meetings with you and the production team to evaluate the video's needs and make adjustments until it's just right.


Post Production is the final step in the video production process and is essential for delivering a high quality end product. At this stage, mistakes can be corrected and the video can be fine tuned to ensure customer satisfaction. I guarantee that my post production process will yield a polished, professional result; ensuring the highest quality video output. I will review all aspects of the video to guarantee that mistakes are corrected and that the video is of the highest quality.

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